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ORSY® means order with a system. Our goal is to supply a shelving system that is tailored exactly to your individual workflows and that stores the items you really need for your work. Customised shelving components that can be combined as required are available for the various products. Thanks to clever ordering systems and regular support from your Würth sales representative, ORSY® will reduce your procurement and storage costs for small parts.

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    More overview

  • Optimal use of the available storage space
  • One contact for procurement and warehouse management of C-parts

    More efficiency

  • Constant availability of the goods
  • Quick access because every part has a fixed location
  • Lower procurement costs

    More relief

  • Shelf service by your Würth salesperson
  • More time for your core business

Plan for the ORSY® Now

Over 500,000 ORSY® system shelves are already in use worldwide. With good reason, because with the versatile module system, you save work, time and money in your warehouse management. Use the ORSY® planning tool now to design your own individual ORSY®System shelf according to the modular principle. Or let our ORSY® professionals advise you. Simply speak to your seller or contact us using our contact form. Our experts will then contact you.

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